What is Viavox Travel?

VIAVOX Travel was created to facilitate the comprehensive management of tourist products for tour operators, travel agencies and other tourist entertainment companies in a variety of roles and industries.

Viavox Travel was born as a result of 17 years of experience in the tourism sector and as a result of meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, we have a team of professionals in charge of helping to achieve success for each company that trusts us in their tourism management.

Our Team is the key



Tourist consultant

Born in Aranda de Duero, with long experience in management and project management, he moves in to Santander from USA, not only for his passion for kitesurfing but to start a new business adventure. If you have any doubt about the direction of your projects, do not hesitate to contact him.



Tourist consultant

Traveling spirit, Graciela comes back to Santander to stay. Strict and competitive, it applies in all its projects important doses of creativity and innovation, achieving unique and different results. Contact her if you need a deft and efficient person in your projects.



Tourist consultant

Mexican of origin, her mother said "Study that you will get very far", and she went by the book moving to Spain. Results oriented, she will can solve your doubts and help you without any problem at any time.

Customers who have already trusted us

These are some of the companies that work with us... The next one can be you!

Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is more than a resort, it is a destination rich in history, art and entertainment. Located in a jungle, among caves and rivers with the main ingredient of an eclectic and full of luxury.

Nh Hoteles

Referents of urban hotels in Europe and Latin America with nearly 400 hotels in 30 countries, and a presence in the main European capitals.

Xcaret Cancun Group Mexico

The Xcaret Group has 8 parks, among which the Eco-archaeological Park stands out, being the largest eco-archaeological park

Juliobriga Roman city and domus museum

Reconstruction of the called "Casa de Los Morillos", where the most significant objects recovered during archaeological excavations are exhibited.

Network of Prehistoric Caves of Cantabria

Prehistoric caves of Cantabria, a World Heritage, it contains the following caves: Chufín, El Castillo, Las Monedas, Hornos de la Peña, El Pendo, Cullalvera and Covalanas, are some of the archaeological sites found in Cantabria.

Cave El Soplao Cantabria

Cave considered one of the great wonders of geology, which keeps an authentic paradise of speleothems. The cave and its surroundings harbor an exceptional heritage of industrial mining archeology.

Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian Sea

It constitutes an observatory of the natural and human environment forming part of the maritime front of the city of Santander (Spain).

Cultural centers

The Government of Cantabria has a network of Cultural Centers of different themes formed by Roman sites, the Romanesque church of Villacantid, a medieval tower of Pero Niño, the tower of the Infantado and the Center for Lebaniegos Studies in Potes, in addition to the houses of the Eagle and the Vine, and the Palace and Chapel of Sobrellano.

Xcaret Park

"Little Caleta" opened its doors in December 1990. Majestic park by the sea, with unique activities in the middle of the jungle, where you can discover the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico, through amazing underground rivers, its terrestrial and aquatic fauna and gastronomy. They visit about 1 million people a year, and has become the icon of eco-archaeological parks.

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